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Max Linder in 3D: Max pedicure (Extract, 1914)

"Accidental" 3D film of Max Linder's trademark sketch 'Max pedicure'. The only sketch, that he filmed twice in 1908 (Unwilling chiropodist/Pedicure par amour) and 1913 (Max as a chiropodist/Max pedicure) and also turned into a stage play (Pedicure par amour) in which he performed throughout Europe in 1912 and 1913/14. By allowing the production company COMICA to secure footage for their film 'Un idiot qui se croit Max Linder' by putting an adjacent camera next to Pathe's, while filming 'Max pedicure', it is possible to merge both recordings into a 3D version.

Appearing with Max Linder in this extract is Georges Gorby.

To watch the film, GREEN (Left eye)/RED (Right eye) GLASSES are needed.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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